Quick Start: To-Do App


This example provides the steps to deploy a simple To-Do app with Docker and debug using Sidekick. It includes:
After completing this example, you'll have an up and running app that can be debugged with Sidekick.
Therefore, we have designed a tailored experience for you to understand how Sidekick works with a simple To-Do application.
You can always start by instrumenting your own app, but let's see how easy it is to debug your application with our sample app.

1st step: Connect the sample source code

Click on the "Add Sample Repository" and you will be able to see the file tree on the Sources panel.
It's essential for Sidekick agents to know which branch/code you want to debug. By connecting your source code, you allow Sidekick to understand the correct source code and the correct tracepoint location.
Sidekick has only read-only access to your source code and never brings it to servers and keeps it in your browser.
Learn more about connecting your source code

2nd step - Run a Sidekick agent installed To-Do app using Docker container

Instrumenting ToDo app with Docker. For this step, Docker needs to be initialized on your system.
Download the Docker image using:
docker pull runsidekick/sidekick-demo-todo-app-java:latest
Run in your local:
-e SIDEKICK_AGENT_BROKER_HOST=wss:// -p 8080:8080 \
Learn more about instrumenting your own application:

3rd Step - Application selection

Apps need to be selected to start debugging. When you click "Select Application For Me" you will be able to start debugging.

4th Step - Open source file and put tracepoint

Sidekick will capture the snapshot when you add a task on To-Do app. For this purpose, you will open file and add a tracepoint on 27th line.

5th Step - Executing your code and generating a snapshot

Your app needs to be up and running at localhost:8080 Open your To-Do app and add a task.

6th Step - Analyzing your snapshot

You will see the events generated when you add a task. In order to see events panel, click on the "Let me have a look"


You are all set! After clicking on the Finish button you can navigate through Sidekick!
Your snapshots events will be listed on the bottom panel and you can click the generated events.
You are all set! Next step is connect your own application.