Developer on-boarding

Logpoints and tracepoints are features of live application debuggers that can be particularly useful for onboarding new developers.
Logpoints allow you to insert log statements into the code at specific points, which can help new developers understand the application's behavior and code flow. For example, suppose a new developer is working on a feature that involves interacting with a particular API. In that case, you could use logpoints to insert log statements in the code that makes API calls to help the developer understand what is happening at each step.
Tracepoints are non-breaking breakpoints. When a tracepoint is reached during the execution of the application, the debugger will capture a snapshot of the stack, but it will not pause the execution of the application. This can be useful for collecting detailed information about the application's execution without disrupting its regular operation. It can be helpful for new developers trying to understand the application's behavior. These can help new developers understand the behavior of the application and the flow of its code, making it easier for them to get up to speed and be productive.