Quick Start: To-Do App

Option 1: Sandbox

We have prepared a sandbox environment for you to try Sidekick without Sign-up and installing any dependency. You can try it from here:

Option 2: Example Setup

This example provides the steps to deploy a simple To-Do app with Docker and debug using Sidekick. It includes:
After completing this example, you'll have an up and running app that can be debugged with Sidekick.
Therefore, we have designed a tailored experience for you to understand how Sidekick works with a simple To-Do application.

1st step: Connect the source code

We will use our demo-todo-app for this tutorial. You can fork it from here:
It's essential for Sidekick agents to know which branch/code you want to debug. By connecting your source code, you allow Sidekick to understand the correct source code and the correct tracepoint location.
Sidekick has only read-only access to your source code and never brings it to servers and keeps it in your browser.
Learn more about connecting your source code

2nd step - Run a Sidekick agent installed To-Do app using Docker container

Instrumenting ToDo app with Docker. For this step, Docker needs to be initialized on your system.
Download the Docker image using:
docker pull runsidekick/sidekick-demo-todo-app-java:latest
Run in your local:
-e SIDEKICK_AGENT_BROKER_HOST=wss:// -p 8080:8080 \
Learn more about instrumenting your own application:

3rd Step - Application selection

Apps need to be selected to start debugging. When you click "Select Application For Me" you will be able to start debugging.

4th Step - Open source file and put tracepoint

Sidekick will capture the snapshot when you add a task on To-Do app. For this purpose, you will open file and add a tracepoint on 27th line. Right click on that line select Add Tracepoint. Then press the Add button to put your first tracepoint.

5th Step - Executing your code and generating a snapshot

Your app needs to be up and running at localhost:8080 Open your To-Do app and add a task.

6th Step - Analyzing your snapshot

You will see the events generated when you add a task. In order to see events panel, click on a collected event.


Your snapshots events will be listed on the bottom panel and you can click the generated events.
You are all set!