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Sources Panel

It's essential for Sidekick agents to know which branch/code you want to debug. By connecting your source code, you allow Sidekick to understand the correct source code and the correct tracepoint location.


Sidekick has only read-only access to your source code and never brings it to servers and keeps it in your browser.

Sidekick provides integrations with well-known source control tools such as GitHub, GitLab. When you connect your source control provider, Sidekick grants read-only access to your code with no right of changing your code in any branch. After clicking the "Edit" icon on the top right of the source control area, the repository management area will open. Developers are able to:β€Œ

  • Connect up to 10 repositories, and disconnect from repositories
  • Disconnect from the Source Control tools
  • Change Branch or Commit on added repositories
  • Sync with the remote repository

Sidekick is integrated only with GitHub and GitLab for now.